Discover the role of farm animals in your lives! The Children's Farmyard is a key to your Farm Barn Fun.

Accessible via Farm Trail or the Tractor Shuttle that runs daily from the Farm Store, 10AM-4PM on the hour and half hour.  

  • Honeybee and Magpie are Nubian goats, which have long, floppy ears. Can you pick them out here? Raisin is our alpine goat. Look for our new Nigerian Dwarf goat kids.

  • These yearling cows (and future milk makers) rotate around the farm to keep our pastures healthy and nutritious. They are always on the move so you never know where you will see them next. Keep an eye out for them from our trails.

  • Did you know that Shelburne Farms also raises beef cows? These Red Angus and Brown Swiss crosses are redder in color than the Brown Swiss cows. See if you can spot any in our pastures.

  • Pigs: We have pigs arriving in June! Stay tuned.

  • Chickens and Turkeys:  We have a variety of chicken breeds, including Black Copper Marans, pictured here and three heritage turkeys. **To keep our birds healthy and safe during the current Avian Influenza pandemic, we have quarantined them inside where they can be viewed from a distance.**

  • Look out for our production sheep flock that provides us with meat and wool.  Like the cows and heifers, they are rotationally grazed across the land. You will also find a small flock of education sheep on pasture behind the Farm Barn. 

  • You can find our Rex/New Zealand cross, Freddy, and French Angoras, Hazelnut and Coconut - in their outdoor hutch on pleasant days.  Angora fiber can be spun into soft yarn like sheep’s wool! Freddy’s breed is representative of rabbits raised for their meat. 

  • We milk a herd of Brown Swiss dairy cows twice a day, and make cheddar cheese from their milk. You often can see the herd out on pasture grazing. 

Discover all the farm animals, including sheep, cows, goats, rabbits, and horses. Click through the slideshow to meet some of them before your visit.

Enjoy hands-on activities throughout the day that connect you to your food and fiber through our animals and education garden. Make some memories! 

Here are a few examples of activities:

  • Hand milk our Farmyard cow at 10:30am and 2:00pm daily.
  • Spin sheep's wool into colorful yarn bracelets.
  • Groom an Angora rabbit.
  • Visit our education sheep inside their pasture.

Want to bring a school or camp group to the farmyard this season? Request a self-guided visit.

Farm Barn with tractor pulling passenger wagons in front, and dandelions

Farm Barn Fun

The Children's Farmyard is central to your Farm Barn experience. But there's lots more here.

  • View Cheesemaking (and meet a Cheesemaker daily at 11am)
  • Raptors in Residence: Meet a live owl or hawk, Saturday, 1:00pm until June 17
  • StoryWalk: Follow a posted storybook along a trail.
  • Farm Cart: Lunch and snacks, 11-3pm