Shelburne Farms' home campus is located on N’dakinna, the unceded, traditional and contemporary homelands of the Winooskik band of the Abenaki. This means that the Abenaki never legally signed away their land to anyone; they and their ancestors have cared for this land as kin through time; and the Winooskik band of the Abenaki still consider the area their homeland today.

According to an Abenaki creation story, Odzihozo, whose name means "The one who gathers himself together," transformed himself from grains of sand into a giant ancient being and in the process, created the Adirondack Mountains to the West, the Green Mountains to the East, and all the rivers flowing into Bitawbagw–Lake Champlain. Odzihoz now sits in Bitawbagw awaiting the next transformation of the land. He can be seen as Rock Dunder, just beyond Gwénaská, Shelburne Point.

We acknowledge Abenaki people past, present and future and honor their legacy.